Co-incidentally . . .

I was working on my Last Train Home review a little earlier, wondering whether it would be appropriate to mention the smokin’ hotness of their keyboardist and accordion player, Jen Gunderman. I mean, in addition to being a musician of formidable skill, she contibutes a lot to the onstage visual of this band, the other six members of which are dudes. Would I be branded a sexist for saying so?

Jen Gunderman, musician/hottie

I decided to have a look back at what I’d written the last time I faced this dilemma. Damien Rice played the Lincoln Theatre six months ago, and Lisa Hannigan, who is also a huge presence on his last record, was probably the best thing about the show. Oh, look what I called her: “a striking visual and musical foil.” Not exactly Clarence Thomas, am I? A writer who errs too often on the side of caution is not likely to be read, much less remembered.

But look at what shared the page with my Rice review! Jen Gunderman at IOTA! Playing “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in its entirety! That would have been something to see and hear. So is she, fellas.


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