Deleted Scenes!


Sentences, actually.  From the Mika review.

Copy I liked that got axed from the version that ran in the Paper of Record:

“The Royal College of Music-trained pastiche artist’s debut is as hooky and heartless as the chewing-gum jingles he’s already been paid to write,

gene-splicing Freddie Mercury’s caterwaul, the disco-era Bee Gees’ groove, the Pet Shop Boys’ irreverence and maybe at least something of Ray Davies’ social observation into a series of ringtones-in-waiting that contemporary audiences can claim as their own. Scissor Sisters? So 2005.

Nobody knew Mika back then, when snow was colder and iPods topped out at 60 gigabytes,

but the almost frightening adoration with which a sold-out crowd welcomed him for his first DC appearance made the show feel more like a homecoming than an introduction.”

Pull over, dat piece too fat.


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