Daily Archives: October 29, 2007



It’s official: My review of the Eagles’ long-awaited (or long-in-the-making, anyway), startlingly craptacular double album is going on to the front of tomorrow’s Style section. It’s my first visit to that coveted bit of real estate, though I’m told the Wille Nelson, Merle Haggard, & Ray Price concert review from Merriweather last month came close.

Thanks for nothing, Don Henley. I already expected I might be in for a little hate mail when the piece saw print, but now . . .

When Porn Is Good


My review of the New Pornographers’ mighty-fine Saturday night show at 9:30 is in today’s Paper of Record. It ends in the middle of a sentence, which is my little — very little — joke.

You can listen to full show courtesy of NPR here.


01 All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth
02 Use It
03 Myriad Harbour
04 The Electric Version
05 All the Old Showstoppers
06 Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
07 Challengers
08 The Laws Have Changed
9 The Spirit of Giving
10 My Rights Versus Yours
11 Mass Romantic
12 Adventures in Solitude
13 Testament to Youth in Verse
14 Unguided
15 Twin Cinema
16 Go Places
17 Sing Me Spanish Techno
18 The Bleeding Heart Show

19 The Bones of an Idol
20 The New Face of Zero and One (aborted mid-song)
21 Jackie
22 From Blown Speakers
23 The Slow Descent into Alcoholism