Daily Archives: April 9, 2008

Some Lovin’ Someone Like You

Photo by Joel RIchardson for The Washington Post

Shelby Lynne at the State Theatre Monday night.  Photo by Joel Richardson for The Washington Post.

I was lucky to pick up an extra review assignment for the Paper of Record on Monday: Shelby Lynne at the State, touring the Dusty Springfield tunes from the Just a Little Lovin’ tribute LP I wrote about in my first Media Mix installment. This was also my first time reviewing an artist for, er, the second time, as I reviewed Shelby at the Birchmere waaaaaaaay back in October ’06.

Great show.  I like it when the State does this supper-club thing, as they leave the pit in front of the stage clear for those who want to get up close, and they can stand at the foot of the stage without obstructing the view for those in back.  Nice.