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Media Mix XII: There Can Be Only One

Sometimes the Fates, and the flacks, are not with you. So no My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, or Los Lonely Boys reviews this week. Fortunately, the CD that did show up — from Austin’s Grupo Fantasma — ain’t bad.

NEXT: The Hold Steady Stay Positive and John “don’t call me Cougar” Mellencamp gets with T-Bone Burnett for his second consecutive album with the word “freedom” in the title.

The Forks, the Lap, the Fur: Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg

Review’d! You should totally pair this up with Realisms, the second half of the Hirshhorn’s The Cinema Effect exhibit, which I’ve written about for tomorrow’s Examiner.

Guy Maddin is the new ruler of my Netflix queue.

Wagon of Sorrow: Theater of War at SILVERDOCS

John Walter’s brilliant documentary, reviewed for DCist.

UPDATE 6/26/08: I got a nice e-mail about the review from Theatre of War director/editor John Walter, who reports that he is shopping the film around for a distributor. Best of luck to you, John! It’s a great documentary, and it deserves as wide a release as it can get.

John also sent this cool one-sheet image:

Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Still.

Emmylou Harris. National treasure, no? Yes. Reviewed at Wolf Trap for the Paper of Record.

If a European Superstar Plays the 9:30 Club and There Are Only 100 People There, Does She Make a Sound?

Nigerian-German folk-soul (er, foul?) singer-songwriter Ayo, reviewed in today’s Paper of Record.

Raging Bear: Kassim the Dream at SILVERDOCS

Reviewed for DCist.

David Segal had a great WashPo feature about Kassim in the paper on Monday.

Iron Man: Bulletproof Salesman at SILVERDOCS

I reviewed Paula Epperlein and Michael Tucker’s smart, fast SILVERDOCS entry for DCist.