Daily Archives: July 11, 2008

Fite Ain’t Right . . .

. . . but he sure ain’t dull. (And his 2006 album Over the Counterculture is still legally available as a free download, courtesy of the artist.) The Watson Twins, meanwhile, kind of are, even though they look great and have lovely voices.

Read all about it in today’s Paper of Record. And then re-insert my omitted last line: “I was going to ask the sisters for [Jenny] Lewis’s number, but it turns out they need it even more than I do.”

I missed Jenny Lewis and the Watsons at the Birchmere and the 9:30 in 2006. How sad am I about it?

This sad.

Unce, Tice, Fee Times Escovedo

I reviewed his Real Animal for Weekend.

I interviewed him for DCist, though the conversation was stymied and shortened by a lousy cell phone connection from his tour bus that kept cutting out, requiring me to call him back each time.

And I’m covering his 9:30 show Saturday night for Style.

Hep C treatment is no joke. Then he bounces back with a pair of records as strong as any he’s ever made — stronger, even. A trooper, this guy.