Iconicity unleashed!

So, my better half — co-founder of the Eleventh Hour Ensemble — got to breathe a big sigh of relief last night. The first of a half-dozen Capitol Fringe Festival performances of Iconicity, a photography-and-memory show she and Ryan Christie created with the aid of a gifted cast, went off mostly successfully. (So says Dan Owen, blogging for the City Paper’s Fringe & Purge dealio.)

The biggest flaws were all light-and-sound-related, and thus entirely my fault, since I was running both boards. In my defense, we had exactly one rehearsal in the Fort Fringe space and using their equipment. (I’d else practiced the sound cues on an iPod, which is a little different from a soundboard.) But that’s no excuse. I pledge to you that when you attend one of the five remaining performances of Iconicity — as you must! — the light and sound cues will be dead-solid-spot-on perfect.

How’s the show? Fabulous! Truly, that’s my as-objective-as-can-be-expected assessment. It’ll resonate especially with anyone who reads this story in today’s Paper of Record by Warren Zinn, who frets that a photo he shot of Army medic Joseph Dwyer during the first week of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 may have contributed to Dwyer’s suicide last week. Sad, haunting stuff.

One response to “Iconicity unleashed!

  1. the better half ;-)

    Okay…So that I’m on public record. You were a saint this weekend with endless patience. When it comes to Fringe I think it’s the norm for things to not go according to plan. As for the sound cues well you also forgot to mention that the bar tent behind our venue decided to blast music about half-way through our show so that from where you were it was nearly impossible to hear anything aside from “n-tst, n-tst, n-tst” (that’s my written version of techno). AND!!! you failed to mention you ran straight from working my show to having to review a show for the paper of record.

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