Daily Archives: July 17, 2009

Face 2 Face with My Beloved Readers

In RE: the latest iteration of Elton John and Billy Joel’s Face numeral-two Face Tour, which played Washington last weekend, the commentariat has spoken. Fifty-three postings when the board shut down, and nine or ten of them actually agreed with my review or spoke up in my defense.

The majority, of course, believed I’d called it wrong.

I suppose we’re never going to see Eye 2 Eye on this one. It seems that most folks willing to pay a C-note-plus (before fees) to see these two relive their glory days are seeking something different from a concert than I am. For many of them, that “something different” seems to be something exactly the same as whatever they got the last time they saw one or both of these guys, in 2003, or 1994, or 1972.

Well, fair enough. For what it’s worth, one of the best music critics in the biz, the Chicago Tribune‘s Greg Kot, reviewed last night’s Face 2 Face date at Wrigley Field, and made many of the same observations I did. He even broke out the epithet “mook,” which one particularly overstimulated commenter came after me for using. Continue reading