Conan O’Brien, RAW at DAR

So there was Conan at DAR Constitution Hall last night, dressed in what he said was Eddie Murphy’s catsuit from Raw, possibly signaling his awareness of the perils that await the comic who lets his moment of cultural primacy go to his head. Raw came out in 1988. Eddie Murphy’s last good movie was, I think, Boomerang, from 1992.

Conan is even rocking Eddie’s odd pose from Raw in the first photo there. My phone is to a real camera what I am to a real photographer, but I figured you’d want to see these anyway on your way over to checking out the City Paper’s Arts Desk debrief of the DC stop on Conan’s almost-done Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour. (SPOILER: It was good, but not great, but we liked it anyway.)

This discussion, which I failed to grasp was being “recorded” and would be presented to you, the reader, with minimal editing, stars Benjamin R. Freed and CP arts editor Jonathan L. Fischer and one Christopher T. Klimek, whom I suspect may have been drunk for at least part of it. It’s choppy and discursive and long-winded and confusing, but that’s all part of the choppy, discursive, long-winded fun.

Team CoCo brought along, said Conan, the inflatable bat from Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell tour to give the show some sizzle. As you can see, it was impressive. I doubt Conan would ever have won me over to his cause were if not for the puppets and low-rent props that were a staple of his Late Night.

Near the end of the show, this biped animal ran out from the wings. Any resemblance to a specific, NBC-Universal-owned, onanistically-inclined caniform is purely coincidental. But it brought me joy to to see him.

Now off to the CP Arts Desk blog with ye.

RELATED: I riffed at indiscreet length on what Conan’s Tonight Show Departure Means For Me back in January, which feels like a lifetime ago.

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