Can Fringe Grow Up?

Behold the marvel that is my first Washington City Paper cover story, all about the Capital Fringe Festival at Five and What, Exactly, That Milestone Means If Indeed It Means Anything, Which I Conclude Upon Some Reflection Than It Does. On the cover is Darrow Montgomery’s fine portrait of CapFringe executive director and co-founder Ms. Julianne Brienza.

Usually when I post a link to something I’ve published elsewhere, I try to put back in some material I had to jettison from the published version of the story. There’s enough leftover here to stock double-CD reissues and “special edition” DVDs until the CapFringe turns ten, because I waaaaay overreported this thing, but happily I will be using all that stuff on CP’s Fringe & Purge blog, which I may already have mentioned that I’m editing.

My heartfelt thanks to the CP editors to helped make this piece sharper and tighter. They really know their stuff, those guys.

You can download a PDF of the whole, glorious package, photos and all, if you really like fringe, or Julianne, or me.

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