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For the ambiguity-averse: Santa’s Magickal Ho-Ho Bag track list

Those halls ain’t gonna deck themselves, yuletide thrillseekers! May I recommend for your tree-trimming merriment this humble playlist; a mere suggestion for filling two sides of a Maxell XL II high-bias 90-minute cassette, you understand.

Side A
Ain’t No Chimneys / Sharon Jones & The Dap-kings
Presents for Christmas / Solomon Burke (1940-2010)
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Right, so clearly I left the store unattended while I was working on my little Xmas-musiq project over the last little while. But just because I haven’t posting things here doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing at my usual, punishing clip. Some reviews I forgot to post: Continue reading

It Is Accomplished!

I am pleased to present Santa’s Magickal Ho-Ho Bag, the fifth (!) in my annual (so far) series of radio Christmas cards featuring yule-tunes eclectic and inexplicable (TM), for your hall-decking enjoyment.

If they’re loading slowly and that’s cramping your style, you can also listen here.

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Also, I went to a Michael Buble concert this week. I thought it was good, even if a few people who read my review thought I was raining on the guy just because I don’t think much of most of his original songs. But I like him just fine when he’s singing standards, and as a live performer — a guy who is fully present when he’s on stage; whose mildly blue (turquoise?) quips and dance steps don’t seem rehearsed to death, and who’ll draw out a tween-song interlude to five minutes as long as the jokes don’t dry up — I really do think he’s aces. “The American media thinks that because I wear a suit and sing romantic songs that this is some Sex and the City 3 shit,” he told us. “I’m here to change that perception.” The first time I saw him play, three years ago, he did exactly that. Ring a ding ding!