The District Is Messing with My Ride

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How’d I end up with a $30 ticket today, when I have my Outlook calendar set to remind me to move my car each week before the street-cleaning period on my block begins? Because DC changed the street-cleaning period sometime in the last few days, and I didn’t notice the sign had been altered. You can see in these photos that the dates and times are stick-ons and thus presumably subject to change according to somebody’s capricious, self-adhesive, fickle-ass fancy.

For what it’s worth, this is the first time the street-cleaning restriction has changed in the four-and-a-half years I’ve lived on my street, and now it’s changed twice in a month. (Street-cleaning goes into effect March 1, but there’s usually a grace period of a couple weeks into the month before parking enforcement staff start ticketing.)

Man, screw this noise. I’ma make some calls and see if I can’t find out when the city posted those new signs. Those new stickers, I mean. Jerks. I had plans for those $30. No justice, no peace!

One response to “The District Is Messing with My Ride

  1. Send your info (name, ticket number, date of ticket etc) and contact info to We made the 2nd sign change to correct an error and we realize it caught some in a few neighbohoods off guard. I’ll do what I can.


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