All Up in Your Earbuds: I’m on Filmspotting this week!

"I hear you guys are having a little debt ceiling problem. Don't MAKE me hurl this shield. It's vibranium. Harder than unobtanium."

Well now! This doesn’t happen to me every week.

Filmspotting is a weekly podcast offering substantive, informed discussion of current and vintage cinema, produced out of Chicago — specifically, out of the WBEZ studios on Navy Pier where This American Life, one of my other must-listen podcasts, used to operate before they packed off to New York City. Of the four podcasts I consider to be appointment listening each week (the appointment is usually with my running shoes), it’s probably my favorite.

So naturally I was over the moon when Adam Kempenaar, the show’s sleep-abjuring founding co-host, invited me to call in to discuss CAPTAIN AMERICA. I expect he only did this to placate me for not winning the Wrath of Kahn edition of Massacre Theatre a couple of weeks ago. Which was wise of him, because as David O. Selznick once observed, revenge is a dish best served cold. And it is very cold in Chicago. Except for the last couple of months.

I should explain that Kempenaar passed through Our Nation’s Capitol on a secret mission a few months ago, and — thanks to Twitter — I had the good fortune to spend an evening having dinner with him. Don Whiteside of We Love DC came out, too. I wanted to tell Adam that if one of Filmspotting co-host Matty “Ballgame” Robinson‘s network pilots ever gets picked up, or if the Steppenwolf Theatre casts him as Nick opposite Tracy Letts in a tour of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? or something, I’d get myself to the Windy City on my own dime for a tryout. But I stopped myself, because I’m only partially obnoxious.

You know who Adam had on the show last week? Television’s Michael Phillips, the great Chicago Tribune film critic whom I know because of that one time we hung out in Los Angeles together for a week-and-a-half. I’m honored to follow him. I’ll never rock a beard like the one he’s got.

Oh, and if you listen to the podcast, which you can download using the iTunes button below (episode 357, like the Magnum) — yes, of course I know that Arnold is Austrian, not German. But discerning the latter accent from the former is a task quite beyond the limited sensitivity of my ill-traveled Yankee year.

Anyway: Thanks, Adam. Heil Filmspotting!


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