Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

Toad to Redemption: Rorschach’s After the Quake, reviewed

Dylan Myers plays a giant toad (Photo: C. Stanley)

Rorschach Theatre’s great Jessi Burgess-directed version of The Bard of Avon was one of the first plays I saw in DC after I moved back here from Los Angeles near the end of 2005. I’ve kept tabs on that company’s work since then. I’ve always admired their ambition, even when I haven’t loved the shows. I was not at all a fan of Living Dead in Denmark, the last piece I saw from them, more than two years ago, but I was always pulling for them to overcome their venuelessness and other troubles and make a strong comeback. That’s what their new production of After the Quake is, as I aver in today’s Washington City Paper.