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Days of Futures Past: Astro Boy and the God of Comics, reviewed

The God of Comics and Astro Boy -- Clark Young and Karen O'Connell -- in ASTRO BOY AND THE GOD OF COMICS

In today’s City Paper, I review Studio Theatre‘s world premiere sci-fi spectacle-cum-artist biography Astro Boy and the God of Comics, along with Banished? Productions‘ dance piece/memory play Into the Dollhouse.

Hercules in Russia: Fairly strong, considering.

Sarah Ulstrup and Ricardo Frederick Evans

I reviewed Doorway Arts‘ world premiere of Allyson Currin‘s play Hercules in Russia for the Washington City Paper. Needs a rewrite, but I think it’s got plenty going for it and I’d like to see how it evolves in subsequent productions.

If you’re curious, Robert K. Massie‘s nonfiction book Nicholas and Alexandra, which helped inspire the play, is available via Google Books. Continue reading


Personally — and professionally, come to that — I had more fun with the imported comic illusionism of Elephant Room at Arena (“would look far more comfortable in some ramshackle, claustrophobic space, where its raw aesthetics and ironic sensibility might … Continue reading