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Russian Lark: STC’s The Government Inspector, reviewed.

Overdressed and overqualified. (SCOTT SUCHMAN)

A seminal Russian comedy, updated with jokes about teachers’ unions. It didn’t do much for me, but there’s a lot of venerable talent on that stage.

From today’s Washington City Paper, available wherever finer alt-weeklies are given away for free.

Who Would You Rather Be? Metric at the Music Center at Strathmore, reviewed.

We bought a smoke machine.

My first DCist post of 2012 is a review of a very fine show by the very fine Canadian stadium-rockers-in-waiting Metric.

Whatever privations and disappointments I have endured in this inconstant life, they have all been vindicated this day.

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Wrestling Guys

My review of Woolly Mammoth‘s production of Kristoffer Diaz‘s very funny wrestling play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity ran in the City Paper last Friday, while I was busy cavorting abroad.

Her name? None of your business!

. . .

That was a little joke. Very. Sorry. I was in airports and on planes for 25 hours yesterday, which is yesterday-plus. Cut me some slack, willya?


My typical Cliff Bar:

And the Cliff Bar to which I am presently en route:

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I Think About Autism, Therefore I’m Not: Theater J’s Body Awareness, reviewed

Bedroom cries: MaryBeth Wise, Susan Lynskey & Adi Stein

I reviewed Theater J‘s production of Annie Baker‘s breakout play, Body Awareness, in today’s City Paper.

Two years ago I reviewed Baker’s follow-up, Circle Mirror Transformation, for the Examiner.