She Couldn’t Blame Us: Cat Power at the 9:30 Club, reviewed.

I’m sorry to say that Cat Power’s concert at the 9:30 Club last night was another heart-rending chapter in her sad history as a panicky, fragmented performer. It’s always agonizing to watch someone on stage who clearly doesn’t want to be there. I hope she’ll get the help she needs. The club was sold out, so clearly her fans haven’t abandoned her. Last night’s audience struck me as uncommonly respectful, sympathetic and forgiving.

I reviewed the show for the Washington Post.

One response to “She Couldn’t Blame Us: Cat Power at the 9:30 Club, reviewed.

  1. Thanks Chris,
    Unfortunately, i whole-heartedly agree with you about the CatPower show. I’ve been a fan of hers for a good 11 years and that was my third time seeing her. I saw her in her ‘The Greatest’ tour and her last one ‘Sunny Side Of the Street(?)’ Where she was fantastic. This show was sadly a step back though and I did not like Catpower 2.0. She seems to want to change to a new identity and drag all her good work into it. Thanks for a well written and well informed article. From the vantage of the photo, i think you were prob standing pretty close to me. How bout them loud drunk chicks? Awful. As a Philly guy i thought that was rude and hope it’s not a regular occurance in DC.

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