Please Look at This So I Can Throw It Away: Our Town ticket

Our Town 2010
FOUND, in a box of unsorted crap: my ticket stub from a 2010 production of Our Town I saw that featured Michael Shannon, future star of my favorite movie of 2011, Take Shelter, as the Stage Manager. He plays a mean man on Boardwalk Empire (I’ve only seen the first few episodes of the first season), and he’s Superman’s Kryptonian nemesis General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel. And yet I remember him as the kindly face and voice in what is perhaps the most avuncular and unthreatening role in all of theater.

Unrelated, Wallace Shawn from The Princess Bride and many other things was in the audience with us that night. Someone recognized him and started the applause when he walked in to take his seat. The Barrow Street Theatre is not very large.

Anyway, I’m tossing it, so take a good look. Happy new year.

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