Another Tango in Paris After That Supposedly Last One: Simon Killer, reviewed.

Brady Corbet & Mati Diop

Brady Corbet & Mati Diop

My review of Simon Killer, writer/director Antonio Campos’s second feature film, is in the Village Voice today. Total Recall joke deleted, but the Blow-Up and Taxi Driver and Rushmore allusions (and the Rush Hour 3 joke!) remain. Film critics are terrible people. Read it here.

That said, I’m about to see one of my favorite specimens of that loathsome breed, Mr. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune and Filmspotting. Tomorrow I’m off to Louisville, Kentucky, where Phillips and I will both be covering the final weekend of the Humana Festival of New American Plays as part of Engine 31 — theater journalism’s equivalent of The Avengers, basically. More on that a little later.

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