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Gone Fringin’

Fort FringeHi. I’m once again spending the rear 80 percent of my July covering the Capital Fringe Festival over at Fringe & Purge, so things will likely stay quiet here for another few weeks.

Here’re a couple of fun Fringe-related pieces from the last few days: My preview of the Stanley Kubrick burlesque show, Kubrilesque, from last week, and my review, today, of the The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy.

Plus, new episodes of the Fringe & PurgeCast, by overwhelming demand.

Specific is Baby Universe-al

Baby Universe No. 7,001 isn't like the others.

Baby Universe No. 7,001 isn’t like the others.

If this summer’s crop of megabudget blockbusters aren’t floating your barge, perhaps you’ll take to heart my unequivocal endorsement of Baby Universe, the whimsical and yet nourishing sci-fi puppet show now at Studio Theatre that achieves grand scale via modest means.

The piece is a co-production of Nordland Visual Theatre and Wakka Wakka, the same consortium that did Fabrik, a similarly dark and ambitious, not-necessarily-for-kids puppet play I saw in New York five years ago. These groups are really good at coming up with unlikely material that suits their chosen medium perfectly; it’s hard to imagine what the live-action version of these shows would look like. Anyway, Baby Universe is in town through July 14.