Unscary Movie: Jinn, reviewed.

"Firebreather" Camaro designed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, as feature in the movie "Jinn," written, directed, and edited by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad.

I took one for the team and reviewed the the un-super, non-thrilling supernatural thriller Jinn for The Dissolve. I can’t say I didn’t have fun, mostly because Rachel Manteuffel came with me.

Footnotes: When I mention Liam Neeson in The Phantom Menace in this review, I cite him by his real name rather than his character name in that movie, Qui Gon… Jinn. It’s all connected. Also, I didn’t have room or cause to mention that William Atherton also played unctuous TV reporter Dick Thornberg in Die Hard, one of my pantheon films. Or that Faran Tahir, who gets plenty of work but whom I always remember from that great prologue to J.J. AbramsStar Trek from five years ago, is here, too.

Photo: Turns out that this bitchin’ Camaro, and not any of the film’s various CGI flame creatures, is “The Firebreather.” Image from Jinn’s Instagram feed.

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