Transforming Tysons, my Atlantic Cities debut

A view of the Spring Hill Station on Metro's Silver Line on the westbound side of Leesburg Pike in Tysons, April 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different: I wrote a 2,000-word feature for Atlantic Cities about the ongoing effort to turn the Northern Virginia suburb of Tysons Corner — a massive, unplanned, car-dependent “Edge City” — into a walkable, public-transit accessible, liveable urban locale. The opening of Metro’s Silver Line this summer will be a key element of this plan, and the place is expected to remain a site of rapid-but-smart growth for the next four decades. Read all about it.

I’ve made a concerted effort to branch out this year, writing on subjects and for outlets I haven’t previously. My 3,000-word feature for Air & Space / Smithsonian about the James Webb Space Telescope was a rewarding experience, and tackling my first urbanism/transit piece was, too. I’ve got a least a couple more long magazine pieces I hope I’ll be able to execute before I get busy with Capital Fringe Festival coverage and other stuff.

A view of the Silver Line’s Spring Hill Station as seen from Leesburg Pike westbound in Tysons Corner, April 2014. I took this with my phone and tarted it up in Photoshop a little.

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