Pop Culture Happy Hour #203: On Guardians of the Galaxy and So-Bad-It’s-Good

GUARDIANS special ed poster

I was thrilled as always to fill the fourth chair on this week’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, wherein we discuss the latest — and funniest, and unlikeliest — Marvel Studios blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy. Even I had no idea who any of these characters were when I sat down to watch this thing.

We also discussed the curious, evergreen phenomenon of Things So Bad They Are Good, a complex topic that did not in this case stray too far from the TV movie that inspired this latest iteration of it, Sharknado 2. 

DISCLOSURE: I have not seen Sharknado 2. Nor, indeed, have I seen Sharknado. I have, however, seen the movie wherein Steven Seagal pledges to take the crooked U.S. Senator who killed his wife and put him in a coma for seven years… to the bank.

…to the U.S. Savings and Loan Bank.

Wait, I think I messed up the line. In any case, I’m sorry the discussion did not proceed in a direction that would’ve allowed me to play this clip from Seagal’s 1990 hit Hard to Kill.

If we all sound unusually somber, it’s because this episode was recorded on my birthday! Stream it or download it here.

FURTHER READING: My NPR review of Lucy from two weeks earlier. And my Dissolve review of Jinn and my Village Voice review of Brick Mansions, both from back in April.

Logan Hill’s great story about the new expectation that male film stars sport gym-buffed bodies is here, but it was published in Men’s Journal, not Men’s Health as I fear I said on the show; my apologies.

Tickets to What’s Making Me Happy This Week —  the smart stage sex comedy The Campsite Rule, by Alexandra Petri and starring my best gal Rachel Manteuffel — are available here for a mere $20. If you’re in or near Washington, DC or will be before the show closes on Aug. 16, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor if you go.

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