Bucky (and Everybody) with the Good Hair: Captain America: Civil War, reviewed.

For NPR: The 13th Marvel movie/third Captain America movie/third Avengers movie/fourth Iron Man movie/exciting Spider-Man & Black Panther teaser trailer is as good as you’ve heard. The first reviews went up after this screened a month ago (not in DC, for some reason), so all I could do was try to write the Blade II of Marvel movie reviews.

The lack of memorable music in these films is a stubborn and inexplicable problem, though. Yo, Kevin Feige: Hire Michael Giacchino or somebody. You can afford him.

Captain America: The First Avenger, set during World War II, had a stirring theme. I suspect Feige or someone deemed it too old-fashioned to be retained for Cap’s present-day adventures. Too bad.

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