This Time It’s Personal Again: The Shallows, reviewed.

Nancy (Blake Lively) in Columbia Pictures' THE SHALLOWS.

Nancy (Blake Lively) in Columbia Pictures’ THE SHALLOWS.

My NPR review of The Shallows, a Blake Lively-versus-sharks movie from Non-Stop and Run All Night director Jaume Collet-Serra, arrives just when it is needed. I am sorry I did not name the cinematographer in my review of a film about a woman trying to avoid becoming a shark’s meal, because his name is Flavio Labiano.

While I’m being crude, let me point out that Collet-Serra cuts directly from a shot of Lively reading a text message from her friend that says meeting up with that cute guy from last night; don’t wait up for me to a shot of crabs scurrying along the beach.

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