Hot Buzz: I interviewed Simon Pegg for Air & Space/Smithsonian

Sofia Boutella and Simon Pegg in "Star Trek Beyond." (Kimberly French/Paramount)

What a pleasure it was to speak with Simon Pegg, an actor and writer whose work I’ve long admired, for my day job with Air & Space / Smithsonian magazine. I’ve been overseeing a special section of our September issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and I was especially keen to have Pegg — as the co-screenwriter of the new movie Star Trek Beyond, as well as one of its key cast members — be a part of our coverage. He was as enthusiastic and smart and funny as I’d dared hope. You can read the interview here, and my NPR review of Star Trek Beyond will be up Friday.

I wanted to circle back and talk the blog post he wrote about George Takei, but our time was limited and I thought he’d already explained his position quite eloquently in prose. There was an obvious moment when we might’ve talked about how subsequent Trek movies might deal with the tragic death of Anton Yelchin last month, but I’ll be honest: In the moment, I just didn’t think to ask the question. Or about his role as Ogden Morrow in the film version of Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One that Steven Spielberg just started shooting last month. He’s a busy guy, this guy.

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