Pop Culture Happy Hour: Alien: Covenant and Veep

ALIEN: COVENANTMy pal-for-life Glen Weldon is Down Under this week—like Quigley, like Jackman, like Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee—but I was glad to be part of a reduced Pop Culture Happy Hour panel along with host Linda Holmes and regular Stephen Thompson to dissect the messy but fascinating prequel-sequel Alien: Covenant and to marvel at how the political satire Veep has stayed so strong for six seasons. At the end of the episode, I give a little love to little-loved—by me, anyway—replacement 007 Sir Roger Moore, who passed away this week at the age of 89. You can hear the full episode here or embedded below.

FURTHER READING / LISTENING: My 2012 NPR essay about seeing Prometheus. My other 2012 essay about whatever the fuck Prometheus was, just for me. My 2014 NPR obituary of creature designer H.R. Giger. My sprawling 2015 item for The Dissolve (R.I.P.) telling the stranger-than-fiction ballad of Alien 3, among other stories. My 2016 All Things Considered segment acknowledging the 30th anniversary of Aliens. And my 2014 Washington Post review of Roger Moore’s second memoir, One Lucky Bastard.

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