Putting the “All” in All Things Considered: Can Wonder Woman Find a Superhero Theme That Sticks?


Here we are in Year Ten of the Marvel Cinematic Era, and not one piece of music has emerged from any of the two dozen films based on Marvel characters (released by Marvel Studios and others) that can rival John Williams’ mighty score for Superman: The Movie or even Danny Elfman’s brooding Batman theme.

For years I’ve wondered why this is. But only two days ago did I at last get to ask someone who might know. On today’s All Things Considered, I speak with Rupert Gregson-Williams, who composed the score for director Patty Jenkins’ fine Wonder Woman. You might even hear a cameo by one of the most venerable heroes of the National Public Radio universe, the great Bob Mondello.

We had just about finished making the piece when I got the unexpected-but-welcome opportunity to re-adapt my radio script back into a prose version, allowing me to reanimate a whole bunch of my freshly-slain darlings. Lucky you!

Lucky me, anyway. Listen and/or read, please. I love that the audio is right there for you to stream or download right there with the web version. They’re similar but not the same, a consequence of how what works on the radio doesn’t always work on the page, and vice versa. Bob spent a long time drumming this lesson into my head. Like I said: lucky me.

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