My Lazenby Moment: I’m on today’s episode of James Bonding!


I’ve wanted to be a guest on James Bonding, the podcast hosted by 007 “lovers, not experts” Matt Gourley and Matt Mira, since the first episode appeared four years ago. (The topic was Dr. No, 007 No. 001, and the guest was Paul F. Thompkins.) I’ve plugged the show on Pop Culture Happy Hour and on Filmspotting. I owe Gourley and Mira a debt of gratitude for getting my girlfriend interested in watching Bond movies by poking fun at them in the loving way that only a true fan can. Beyond that, I’ve been a huge admirer of Gourley’s work on his other podcasts, I Was There Too and Superego.

James Bonding appeared irregularly in its initial incarnation circa 2013-5, and the show went on hiatus after the release of Spectre two years ago. Prior to its recent return as a weekly show, Gourley kindly contacted me with an invitation to appear on the show if I ever found my way back to California. (Last time I was out there, in April 2015, I met Jennette Goldstein at her bra shop on Melrose Ave. I would never have known that PFC Vasquez from Aliens and John Connor’s foster mom from Terminator 2: Judgment Day had a bra shop if not for her then-recent appearance on I Was There Too.)

Well.  Last week, I found my way back to California. I was delighted to join the the Matts as well as Mark McConville from Superego at stately Gourley-Lund Manor to discuss the aborted 1991 Bond picture that would have featured Timothy Dalton in his third appearance as 007. You can listen to the episode here.

I wish we’d gotten a few more movies from Dalton. The Living Daylights, his debut, was the first Bond flick I saw in the theater. I looked at it again about a month ago and Dalton is much better in the role than I’d remembered. As with so many former Bonds, he gets better as he gets older. I love him in Hot Fuzz and on the Showtime’s Penny Dreadful.

Anyway, we all had a grand old time speculating about a Bond flick that never was. I had a grand old time reflecting upon its similarity to Double Impact. I am under onus, as Croach the Tracker would say, to the Matts for inviting me onto their show and for being so kind. I do not know who mocked up the poster for the nonexistent Bond flick Licence Renewed, but I appreciate that they stuck with the British spelling from Licence to Kill. It really gives the campaign some colour.

Bond 17

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