As featured in the New York Times, sort of: Take my 2001: A Space Odyssey Quiz!

CORRECT ANSWER: A. Good job, you. Those other spacecraft I mentioned are—respectively—from Danny Boyle’s great 2007 space movie Sunshine, a real Space Shuttle name (as is Discovery), from Paul Verhoeven’s brilliant 1997 satire Starship Troopers, and from Peter Hyams’s not-half-bad 2001 sequel 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

2001_A_Space_Odyssey_1.jpg3) How did the artificially intelligent computer HAL 9000 acquire its name? A) Did Kubrick and cowriter Arthur C. Clarke simply take the name of the computer maker International Business Machines, or IBM, and replace each of its initials with the prior letter in the alphabet? B) Is HAL itself an acronym for Heuristic Algorithmic computer? C) Is the name a tribute to beloved character actor Hal Holbrook, famed for his one-man stage show Mark Twain Tonight! And for playing Deep Throat in All The President’s Men?

Choose your response and then click to the next page to see if you’re right. Unless you’re a complete fool you have the same odds you do in a coin toss, here.

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