As featured in the New York Times, sort of: Take my 2001: A Space Odyssey Quiz!

CORRECT ANSWER: B. Even though it violates the rules of acronym-ing, at least as I understand them! Having both the “A” and the “L” in “HAL” come from the same word—algorithmic—is just as dumb as having the “S” and the “P” in SPECTRE from the same word. The name of the computer really ought to be HAC 9000. HArrumph.2010-discovery-and-leonov4) In 2001’s unlikely sequel 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the character of Heywood Floyd, is played by a different actor than the one who played him in 2001 16 years earlier. (I’m referring of course to when the films were made, not when they’re set.) This replacement actor starred in the film frequently cited as the first summer blockbuster. Who is the actor? A) Richard Dreyfuss, B) Rob Schneider, C) Alec Guinness, D) Roy Scheider, or E) Burt Reynolds?

Use the Force. You know this one.

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