As featured in the New York Times, sort of: Take my 2001: A Space Odyssey Quiz!

CORRECT ANSWER: B. Rob Scheider. From Jaws, obviously (and Jaws 2, regrettably), but also from The French Connection, Marathon Man, All That Jazz, Sorcerer and so many others. This cat ruled the 1970s, and then he still got to star in 2010 after that.


5) When Kubrick and Clarke imagined their habitually moon-commuting society of the early 21st century from the middle of the 20th, they thought about what professions women might hold some 35 years in the future. Are the women seen in 2001 A) flight attendants, B) stewardesses, C) waitresses, D) scientists, E) models? Choose all that apply.

Gather your righteous feminist rage and click to the next page.

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