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Media Mix XI: O Eno, Where Art Thou?

Strong work, Coldplay. That’ll show ’em you’re no mere U2 cover band! That’ll show ’em all.

Dan Tyminski’s a fine, solid, mature record; easy to like, almost impossible to get very excited about. But good. Read all — er, a little more — about it.

They’re Bringing Waxy Back!


Huh. I’ve actually spent time trying to hear the difference among 256-kbps AAC files vs. 128-kbps AAC vs. 200-ish kbps LAME-encoded MP3. Meanwhile, those vinyl-loving luddites are fortifying their positions. Or so I hear.

My review of Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder’s marvelous Friday-night show at the Birchmere with the Whites got held for a day, but it’s in today’s Paper of Record.