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Media Mix XXIII: The Point of It All



Next week’s Sunday Source will be the section’s swan song, which means this is my last edition of Media Mix, a gig I took on back in January. So I did it for one full year. Nice symmetry there.

Take it away, Anthony Hamilton.

Media Mix XXII: Akon is All Wet Edition



Understand me, Panic at the Disco: Liking you better than Akon is not the same thing as liking you liking you. Okay?

Media Mix XXI: Anything Goes


Dido fares better than this Houser guy this week.

Media Mix XX: Lou, Frida. Frida, Lou.

Media Mix XIX: Chesnify

Please explain Kenny Chesney? Sure: Even I didn’t hate his new album at all. No wonder he’s maybe the last stadium-filler left standing. (Even Bruce had some empty seats at stadiums Giants and Foxboro this summer, apparently.)

As for Brett Dennen, I can’t, unless you see him live in a little place like Jammin’ Java.

NEXT: Lou Reed, and a girl named Frida.

Media Mix XVIII: Brotherly Love Edition

I pretty much forgot about Oasis between 1996 and oh, about six weeks ago, when I noticed Los Bros. Gallagher would be releasing a new record on one of the weeks I had a pair of CD reviews due. I liked their first two albums, and it turns out I like their new one, too. If you care about this band at all, you doubtless already know that songwriter/guitarist Noel Gallgher was injured after some guy stormed the stage and shoved him into the audience at the Toronto Virgin Mobile Festival last month. I’m going to check out their show at the Patriot Center with Ryan Adama just a few days before Christmas.
Incidentally, I have a bootleg of Oasis recorded at the Patriot Center in 1996. What moved me to buy this at Salzer’s Records in Ventura a few years back, when I never was an Oasis superfan? Your guess is as good as mine. It never took much arm-twisting to get me to open my wallet at Salzer’s. I also had that CD single of an incredibly profane argument/fistfight the Gallgher brothers got into on (I think) British radio in the mid-90s. Don’t know why the hell I would ever have owned that, either.

Rachel Yamagata’s Elephants . . . Teeth Sinking into Heart is apparently a double CD, though my advance of it collected all 14 of its tracks on a single disc. The two-disc strategy is to emphasize the binary nature of its slow half and fast half, I guess. But the slow half is almost twice as long as the fast half.

Media Mix XVII: Jenny Lewis with everybody, Thievery Corporation

Jenny Lewis’s sophomore effort is a disappointment, given the talent involved (Elvis & the Imposters, both halves of She and Him), and how good Rabbit Fur Coat was. I probably spun this one six or seven times on my long road trip up to Quebec and back a couple weeks back. Good driving album, but still a letdown.

Thievery Corporation: Yes!

NEXT: Oasis and Rachel Yamagata.

Media Mix XVII: The Quiet Revolution

Franti has always made his diatribes pretty tuneful and seductive. This one is less overtly political than his others, but still plenty political. But there are some love songs on here.

I’m not smart enough to get what’s so wonderful about this band, I guess.

Media Mix XVI: Sweet Sledgehammer

A pair of winners this week. Upcoming: Calexico! Michael Franti! Jenny Lewis! Oasis!

Media Mix XIV: When Alyssa Met Johnny

Coupla a serviceable new releases from emerging artists this week. Details.