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I love Willie Nelson.

So, I submitted my September review requests today, with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Ray Price’s Sept. 6 Merriweather appearance at the top of the list. I’ll take my dad if I get that one. I wonder if Willie will play the tune I found from him on iTunes today: “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other).”


It’s a pretty great song, actually. Maybe not as great as the cover image, which of course is included when you buy it from iTunes. Somehow I don’t think this one would go over so well with the crowd of jack-holes who were, apropos of nothing, chanting “USA, USA” when I saw Willie play Wolf Trap in, I think, 2003. But you never know.

The release date was Valentine’s Day last year. Nice.

Oh, I got some play in Freedom Rock again today. Just some talk about carbohydrates.

Organs, Pummeled.


My buddy Joe recommended the review simply read, “Manson. Slayer. Fuck, yeah!” He wasn’t at the show, but it turns out he was at least half-right.

FACT:  This was the loudest show I have ever attended.

Thanks to Capt. Miller (Ret.) for fellowship, transportation, ear plugs, and research assistance.