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It’s official: My review of the Eagles’ long-awaited (or long-in-the-making, anyway), startlingly craptacular double album is going on to the front of tomorrow’s Style section. It’s my first visit to that coveted bit of real estate, though I’m told the Wille Nelson, Merle Haggard, & Ray Price concert review from Merriweather last month came close.

Thanks for nothing, Don Henley. I already expected I might be in for a little hate mail when the piece saw print, but now . . .

Variations Three-and-Thirty

MYSTERIOUS WAYS: Kaufman’s latest is a musical detective story.

Saw Moises Kaufman’s new 33 Variations at Arena the other night; dug it mightily. Read all about it on DCist.

My 15 minutes have arrived.


Dig this. I’m famous.

Well, no. But it’s nice to get some props from the esteemed Mr. J. Freedom du Lac. Even if he doesn’t understand my enduring love for The Avengers, the greatest television show of all time.