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Where Do I Start with Lou Reed? (Oct. 2013)

All I Want for Christmas Is a New Christmas Song (Dec. 2013)

For The Washington Post

George Clinton (July 2008)
Donavon Frankenreiter (Oct. 2008)

Nick Lowe (Nov. 2013)
Stephin Merritt (Oct. 2008)

Yulemixes — on my annual bizarro Christmas mixtape (Nov. 2012)

For (The Washington Post’s) Express Night Out

Aimee Mann (Dec. 2008)

For For DCist

Elvis Costello at the Warner, 1978 (March 2008)

For The Washington Examiner

Patterson Hood (June 2009)
Living Colour (Aug. 2009)
The Magnetic Fields (Feb. 2010)

For Pinna Storm

Elvis Costello on the Wheel of Song (June 2011)

For the Washington City Paper

Hayes Carll (July 2011)
Elvis Costello’s Concert Curiosities, Explicated! (Sept. 2011)

Just For Me

I Wish I Were Blind: The (Often Terrible) Album Covers of Bruce Springsteen


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