Hark Hark, Deck Deck (2011)

YULE-ALERT: If for some reason the embeds are not loading below, you can still hear these files on my other site. (Don’t ask.)

Yippe kai yay, Christmas lovers! My sixth annual audio Christmas card has arrived to illuminate and/or obfuscate your yule! At two hour(ish)-long sides, this is the longest yulemix ever. Remember those 120-minute blank cassettes introduced in the twilight of the analog era that allowed you to record more music at lesser quality and were highly prone to breakage?

Excessive? No doubt. But people who prefer tasteful restraint in their holidays are really big on Arbor Day. Christmas is for the rest of us. I hope that listeners who don’t celebrate Christmas will still dig this as an examination of the weirdness of how our secular observation of a religious holiday has evolved in these ocean-rising times, or perhaps as an antidote to the numbing, overfamiliar holiday music you’ve been bitching about for a month already.

My inspiration to start making these compilations was the great WBEZ radio show/podcast Sound Opinions‘ tradition of having concert promoter and crate-digger Andy Cirzan on every year to share some of the most wack-ass Christmas records he’s procured during the prior 12 months. I almost always steal a couple of Cirzan’s finds for my own mix; this year, I’ve used two. Sound Opinions just posted Cirzan’s 2011 mix today. I expect I’ll be recycling a couple of those gems 365 or so days from now.


Oh, and my 2010 set, Santa’s Magickal Ho-Ho Bag, remains available for your listening pleasure. If you’d like to hear one of the earlier installments, e-mail me. The 2009 one, That Means Christmas to Some People, might be my favorite.

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