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On Around Town, talking Beauty and the Beast and Famous Puppet Death Scenes

For further evidence of  how hopeless I am at looking into a camera and smiling when someone says my name, we take you once again to the studios of WETA, where I was delighted as always to join Around Town host Robert Aubry Davis and Washington Post arts writer Jane Horwitz last week for ultra-concise discussions of two shows I recently reviewed for the Washington City Paper. We covered Synetic Theatre’s fresh adaptation of Beauty and the Beast and Old Trout Puppet’s Workshop’s surreal Famous Puppet Death Scenes.

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Loose Fur: Synetic Theater’s Beauty and the Beast, reviewed.

Renata Veberyte Loman as Narrator:Emmeranne in Synetic Theater's new adapation of "Beauty and the Beast." (Johnny Shryock)

Renata Veberyte Loman narrates Synetic Theater’s new adaptation. (Johnny Shryock)

My review of Synetic Theater’s fresh and frightening new adaptation of the 275-year-old French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is in today’s Washington City Paper. Grrrrrr.