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Fringe on Top: I Wrote the Cover Story in This Week’s Washington City Paper

Screenshot 2015-07-11 18.12.52I’m a few days late posting this. For the past two weeks I’ve been taking part in the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center’s National Critics Institute — a professional boot camp for early-to-mid-career critics under the command of Chris Jones, the Chicago Tribune‘s chief theatre critic and a fine teacher of the craft, too. It’s been an intense couple of weeks of living in a spartan dormitory with a roommate, and hitting overnight deadlines almost every night. I’ll write about that a bit more once I’ve recovered.

In the midst of all that, I had to finish the cover story in this week’s Washington City Paper, about the 10th Capital Fringe Festival, which kicked off Thursday evening. I hope you will find it answers all your most pressing questions about Capital Fringe and co-founder/Executive Director Julianne Brienza’s plan to take it higher. I mean that literally. She wants to add three floors to the building she bought last year in Trinidad. Continue reading

Putting a ($7) Button in Capital Fringe ’13, and on to New Business

PurgeCastin' with Jason Patrick Wells & Jacy Barber (right). Photo by Paul GIllis, courtesy Capital Fringe.

PurgeCastin’ with Jason Patrick Wells & Jacy Barber (right). Photo by Paul GIllis, courtesy Capital Fringe.

And with this, my four-week-and-change tour of duty covering the Capital Fringe Festival for a fourth consecutive year comes to an end.

This year’s Fringe might’ve been the best yet. I didn’t get to do as much writing as I wanted, what with my dayjob being more demanding than in Fringes past and with Fringe & Purge running 96 “Hip Shot” reviews this year—about a third more than we’ve ever published before, the overwhelmingly majority of them edited by me.

I did get to record, edit and post six episodes of the Fringe & PurgeCast; again, fewer than I managed last year, but at least a couple of them turned out well, I think. My favorite was this one with Live Action Theatre company, obviously. Continue reading

Gone Fringin’

Fort FringeHi. I’m once again spending the rear 80 percent of my July covering the Capital Fringe Festival over at Fringe & Purge, so things will likely stay quiet here for another few weeks.

Here’re a couple of fun Fringe-related pieces from the last few days: My preview of the Stanley Kubrick burlesque show, Kubrilesque, from last week, and my review, today, of the The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy.

Plus, new episodes of the Fringe & PurgeCast, by overwhelming demand.

Fringe & Perjury, or Back in Five Minutes (Give or Take Three Weeks)

It’s not you. It’s me.

Look, we both know I’ve never been the most prolific blogger in the knife drawer. Infrequently I’ll feel moved just to write stuff, but most of the time this place is little more than scrapbook full of links to pieces I’ve published elsewhere, sometimes pimped out with bonus content, sometimes not.

I write now to warn you that for at least the next three weeks, my stewardship of this space is all but certain to hit a truly deplorable new depth of negligence. That’s because I’ll be shacked up a few blogs down the block at Fringe & Purge, the Washington City Paper‘s destination for coverage of the fifth annual Capital Fringe Festival, which kicks off — that’s a sports reference, theater-folk — tomorrow. See here, you; I started before I even said. Continue reading