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Von Braun play Ad Astra, assessed for Air & Space

Two of my main beats—aviation/space and theatre—overlapped last week when I attended a reading of Ad Astra, a new play by James Wallert about the life of pioneering rocket scientist—and Nazi—Wernher von Braun. I wrote a post about that for Air & Space/Smithsonian, but at my editor’s suggestion we removed a paragraph where I named the four actors who performed the reading. That was the right call for Air & Space’s audience; after all, when Ad Astra gets fully staged it will likely be with a different cast. Still, the cast—all members of New York’s Epic Theatre Ensemble, which Wallert co-founded—was terrific, so I’d like to name them here. Continue reading

Studio’s naked LUNGS

Ryan King & Brooke Bloom in LUNGS

Studio Theatre’s new Lab Series — presenting stripped-down productions of new work — is off to a strong start with Duncan Macmillan‘s Lungs, a frantic conversation on the subject of parenthood and all other ‘hoods.

My Washington City Paper review is here.