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Do the Pain Revolution: Wherein I Join the Pop Culture Happy Hour Crew for a Sober Discussion of Real Steel, and also of the Rather Startling Ascendancy of Robot Boxing Generally

I teach a weekly boxing class. Though I do cover the fundamentals of the Sweet Science, and participants do get to glove-up and practice punching combinations with partners holding focus mitts, it’s primarily a fitness class, not a curriculum for someone who’s serious about trying to compete in the ring.

I hope you’ll agree those credentials are at least (and perhaps at most) sufficient to lend my discussion of Real Steel, and of the exciting new sport of robot boxing in general, a certain authority. At least the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour crew — Monkey See blogger & show host Linda Holmes, Music Editor Stephen Thompson, Movies Editor (and my fellow Washington City Paper theatre critic) Trey Graham, Producer Mike Katzif, and books & comics critic and funniest-man-on-Twitter Glen Weldon — saw it that way. I was honored to join them on this week’s episode, wherein we gab about the very best robot boxing movie I have ever seen. Continue reading