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Gone Fringe-in’

So I’ve mortgaged my soul away to the Washington City Paper‘s Fringe & Purge blog, all about the Capital Fringe Festival, for another July, just like I did last year. Come see what we’re cooking over there.

But here‘s my Washington Post review of R. Kelly‘s not-nearly-freaky-deaky enough Verizon Center show from Independence Day weekend. I really wish they hadn’t cut the phrase “singing Tourette’s.”

Oh, and here‘s a really flattering, kind of embarrassing thing Andrew Beaujon for TBD wrote to pimp my participation on a panel about John Guare‘s play Six Degrees of Separation at the Phillips Collection last week.

I am very sorry I haven’t called you back or answered your e-mail. September is looking very good for that.

Ha-Ha, You’re a Slam Poet

No, I’m kidding, of course I didn’t mean that. Unless you really are. In which case, frites and moules may break your bones, but words can something something.

I wrote a little preview of the first of the Intersections New America Arts Festival’s three weekends for TBD, which you may have heard lost a lot of very fine staff this week. They’re good journalists and likable people who don’t deserve what happened to them, and I hope they’ll all land on their feet.