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Furry Road: Isle of Dogs, reviewed.


It’s no shocker that I loved Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion adventure of Isle of Dogs. It’s a mild shocker that I didn’t cry watching it. Either time! My NPR review is hereUPDATE: I’m on the Pop Culture Happy Hour episode where we hash over some of charges of insensitivity and cultural appropriate that a few critics have levied against the movie, too. That’s on the same page as the review, but you can hear below, too.


Two-and-a-Half Stars: 7 Minutes, reviewed.

Luke Mitchell has a mask and a gun, but not a plan, in "7 Minutes."I like Michael Mann and I love Heat in particular, and I love Wes Anderson. But 7 Minutes, a nicely-shot hybrid of Heat and Bottle Rocket, Anderson’s debut, is less than the sum of its influences. I reviewed it for The Dissolve.

The Best Movies of the Half-Decade, 2010-4: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori in Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel."And here’re Nos. 25-1 on the poll of the best films of 2010-4, as chosen by The Dissolve’s staff and contributors. I wrote the entry for The Grand Budapest Hotel. As with every Wes Anderson movie save for The Darjeeling Limited, I’ve loved it more each time I’ve seen it.

Pop Culture Happy Hour #161: Captain Phillips and What’s Making Us Cry

One of the posters Juan Ortiz has created for each episode of original-series "Star Trek."

One of the posters Juan Ortiz has created for each episode of original-series “Star Trek.”

Naturally I thought of a theory about why one of the songs I mentioned on episode #161 of Pop Culture Happy Hour — on which I was honored to be a guest — affects me so profoundly as soon as producer Nick Fountain turned off the mics in NPR’s Studio 46. I didn’t have time to dwell on it then; I had to hightail it back to the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse, where I was on a semi-authorized extended lunch break from my jury service. Later that day I would recall I had attempted a Jay-Z impression on the show. Brief, aye, but not nearly brief enough. Fortunately for you, gentle listener, the three regulars — Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, and Trey Graham — were all on top of their games. My pal-for-life Glen Weldon, their usual fourth man,  was on top of a raft or something, vacationing in Grand Cayman.

You can hear the episode in a web browser here or download it from iTunes here.​

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