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Sorted by publication, then chronologically from newest to oldest.

For The Washington City Paper

Talk of the Nation: Mike Daisey Explores America’s Basement in the 18-Part, 32-Hour A People’s History (WCP cover story, July 11, 2019)

Action Figure: A Syrian Asylum Seeker Makes Her English-Language Debut in The Welders’ This Hope: A Pericles Project (Nov. 15, 2018)

The Troubling History of Segregated Swimming Pools Comes to the Stage in #poolparty (June 29, 2018)

Notes from the Dupont Underground: TBD Immersive’s Latest Gamble (Feb. 15, 2018)

Talk Shop: Amy Saidman and Story District Celebrate 20 Years of Storytelling (Sept. 14, 2017)

Staged Exit: Howard Shalwitz and The Arsonists (Sept. 7, 2017)

Can an Working Actor Get Famous in One of Shakespeare’s Least-Famous Plays? (May 2017)

On Theater J’s The How and the Why (Feb. 2017)

Comedian Jeff Simmermon Comes Home (Dec. 2016)

The Welders’ Latest Aims for Authenticity in the Octagon (Nov. 2016)

The Next Stage (Feb. 4, 2016)

Fringe on Top (WCP cover story, July 9, 2015)

Storyteller John Kevin Boggs, Remembered (April 2015)

Bringing Out the DC Dead (Oct. 2014)

The Life Despotic with Drew Cortese (Feb. 2014)

Mike Daisey, unreliable narrator

Playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, profiled (Nov. 2013) 

Sweet and Lo-Fi: At Fringe, Inspiration and Professionalism Aren’t Always Found in the Same Place (Aug. 2013)

Faux REALS: On the Deconstruction, Mainstreaming, and Re-deconstruction of Superheroes (Aug. 2012)

Fringe, at the Center (Aug. 2012)

Mike Daisey, Unreliable Narrator (WCP cover story, July 2012)

The Fight Stuff: Getting the Boxing Right in Studio Theatre’s Sucker Punch (March 2012)

Boxing on Stage (April 2011)

Metapocalypse: DC’s Year of Theater About Theater (Dec. 2011)

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Receipt Wisdom: Are Tickets to Fringe Shows Too Damn High? (July 2011)

Taffety Punk’s Reals (Jan. 2011)

Talking Oklahoma! with Bob Mondello (Nov. 2010)

Tweet Seats (Dec. 2010)

Washington Shakespeare Company’s Mary Stuart (Sept. 2010)

Lean & Hungry Theatre’s MacBeth (Sept. 2010)

Video: Eight Minutes with the Cast & Crew of Ella Hickson’s EIGHT (Aug. 2010)

Tea-Jerk Reaction (July 2010)

Ed Hamell, Road Warrior (July 2010)

Can the Fringe Festival Grow Up? (WCP cover story, July 2010)

For The Washington Post

Ron Bohmer, the Phantom his own self (Dec. 2008)
Tom Kamm, desigining Boom! for Woolly Mammoth (Oct. 2008)
Jose Rivera’s Brainpeople at Rorschach (June 2009)
Taffety Punk’s The Faithkiller (April 2009)
Maria/Stuart at Woolly Mammoth (Aug. 2008)
Constellation’s The Marriage of Figaro (Jan. 2009)
Mermaids, Monsters, and the World Painted Purple at the Kennedy Center (Oct. 2008)
GALA’s Mummy in the Closet: The Return of Eva Peron (May 2009)
Solas Nua’s Pumpgirl (Feb. 2009)
Rooms, a Rock Romance (July 2008)
Jon Spelman, Digging into Shakespeare (March 2009)

For The Washington Examiner

Mike Daisey and The Last Cargo Cult (Jan. 2010)
Max McLean, giving the devil his due in The Screwtape Letters (Dec. 2009)
In Shadowboxer, Joe Louis gets an opera in his head (April 2010)


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