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I was a 2012 AltWeekly Awards finalist in the category of Arts Criticism, circulation 50,000 and above, for my writing on theater for the Washington City Paper. I placed second. It happened again in 2017, when I was selected as a finalist but lost to my WCP colleague Kriston Capps. Congratulations, Kriston. Sleep with one eye open, bro.

For The Washington City Paper

24, 7, 365 (Feb. 2011)

4,000 Miles (March 2013)

4,380 Nights (Feb. 2018)

1984 (March 2016)

1984 (May 2018)

60 Miles to Silver Lake (April 2010)

ABSOLUTELY! {perhaps}

After the Fall (Nov. 2011)

After the Quake (Oct. 2011)

After the Revolution (Sept. 2013)

Aida (Oct. 2018)

Alice in Wonderland (Oct. 2015)

The Aliens (Nov. 2012)

All the Way (April 2016)

Amadeus (November 2019)

Amazons and Their Men (March 2010)

American Utopias (April 2013)

And in the Forest She Grew Fangs (Oct. 2013)

Andy and the Shadows (April 2013)

Angels in America (Oct. 2016)

Antony and Cleopatra (Oct. 2017)

Arguendo (April 2014)

The Argument (Nov. 2013)

Art (April 2011)

As You Like It (Feb. 2017)

Assassins (Aug. 2019)

Astro Boy and the of Comics (Feb. 2012)

Avenue Q (Oct. 2015)

Baby Screams Miracle (Feb. 2017)

Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey (July 2013)

Back to Methuselah, Part 2 (March 2015)

Bad Dog (Oct. 2015)

Bang the Drum Slowly (Jan. 2014)

Barack Stars: The Wrath of Rahm (Feb. 2010)

Basra Boy (Feb. 2011)

Beauty and the Best (Dec. 2014)

A Behanding in Spokane (March 2013)

Between Riverside and Crazy (Jan. 2016)

Beyond the Horizon (Jan. 2011)

The Big Meal (May 2012)

The Blood Quilt (May 2015)

Blood Wedding (Feb. 2012)

Bloody Poetry (May 2014)


Body Awareness (Sept. 2012)

Boged (Traitor) An Enemy of the People (Jan. 2013)

Bondage (Nov. 2013)

Born Yesterday (Oct. 2018)

A Bright New Boise (Oct. 2011)

Broke-ology (Aug. 2013)

Building the Wall (May 2017)

Cabaret Macabre (Nov. 2011) (Nov. 2012)

La Cage Aux Folles (June 2016)

The Carolina Layaway Grail (March 2014)

The Carpetbagger’s Children (Feb. 2011)

Cat’s Cradle (August 2010)

Charm (May 2014)

Cherokee (Feb. 2015)

The Children (May 2019)

Chimerica (Sept. 2015)

Choir Boy (Jan. 2015)

The Chosen (March 2011)

A Clockwork Orange (Oct. 2012)

Cloud 9 (Sept. 2016)

Clybourne Park (March 2010)

The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O’Neill, Vol. One: Early Plays/Lost Plays (April 2012)

A Commedia Christmas Carol (Dec. 2012)

A Couple of Blaguards (Oct. 2012)

Courage (June 2010)

The Critic (Jan. 2016)

Dear Jack, Dear Louise (Dec. 2019)

Death of a Salesman (Oct. 2017)

Detroit (Sept. 2013)

The Devil in His Own Words (Sept. 2014)

Dirt (Oct. 2012)

District Merchants (June 2016)

A Doll’s House, Part 2 (June 2019)

Double Indemnity (June 2012)

Dry Land (April 2017)

Dying City (Oct. 2012)

Edgar and Annabel (Dec. 2013)

El Paso Blue (June 2016)

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Sept. 2012)

Elmer Gantry (Oct. 2014)

Enter Ophelia, Distracted (June 2014)

Equus (Jan. 2016)

Fabulation, or The Re-Education of Undine (Sept. 2019)

Failure: A Love Story (May 2014)

Fairview (Sept. 2019)

Famous Puppet Death Scenes (Dec. 2014)

Fear (Aug. 2016)

Fetch Clay, Make Man (Oct. 2014)

A Few Good Men (Aug. 2013)

Fiddler on the Roof (Nov. 2014)

The Flick (March 2016)

Flying V Fights: The Secret History of the Unknown World (June 2017)

A Fox on the Fairway (Oct. 2010)

Freud’s Last Session (May 2014)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Dec. 2013)

The Gabriels Trilogy (Jan. 2017)

The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess (Dec. 2013)

Girlfriend (April 2018)

Girlstar (Oct. 2015)

God of Carnage (April 2012)

Glassheart (Jan. 2013)

Glengarry Glen Ross (Feb. 2013)

Gloria (Sept. 2018)

Golda’s Balcony (April 2014)

Golden Boy (Dec. 2010)

The Golden Dragon (Nov. 2011)

Goldfish Thinking (Aug. 2012)

The Golem (May 2013)

The Government Inspector (Sept. 2012)

The Great Society (Feb. 2018)

Grounded (June 2014)

Gruesome Playground Injuries (May 2010)

Guards at the Taj (Feb. 2016)

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Dec. 2013)

Hairspray (Dec. 2011)

Hamlecchino, Clown Prince of Denmark (May 2012)

Hamlet (Feb. 2018)

The Hampton Years (June 2013)

Hand to God (July 2016)

Happy Days (Sept. 2011)

Happy Hour (May 2016)

Hellspawn (Oct. 2011)

Hellspawn II: Black Aggie Speaks (Oct. 2012)

Henry IV, Part 1 and Part 2 (April 2014)

Hir (June 2017)

The History of Invulnerability (June 2012)

The History of Kisses (June 2011)

Holiday Memories (Dec. 2015)

House of Gold (Nov. 2010)

How We Got On (Nov. 2014)

Hughie (Feb. 2013)

I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart (Feb. 2017)

I Wish You Love (June 2011)

An Iliad (Jan. 2013)

Illyria, or What You Will (Oct. 2018)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Aug. 2010)

Improbable Frequency (Oct. 2010)

In Darfur (April 2010)

In Praise of Love (Jan. 2015)

Indecent (Dec. 2018)

The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures (Nov. 2014)

Into the Dollhouse (Feb. 2012)

Inventing Van Gogh (Nov. 2013)

The Island of Dr. Moreau (Oct. 2014)

Jelly’s Last Jam (Aug. 2016)

John (April 2018)

JQA (March 2019)

Julius Caesar (Nov. 2014)

Jumpers for Goalposts (May 2015)

Juno and the Paycock (March 2011)

Kafka on the Shore (Feb. 2013)

Kid Victory (March 2015)

King Hedley II (Feb. 2015)

King Kirby (Aug. 2017)

King Lear (April 2011)

King Lear (Sept. 2014)

King Lear (June 2017)

Kings (Dec. 2018)

Kiss (Oct. 2016)

Krapp’s Last Tape (Dec. 2011)

King Charles III (Feb. 2017)

Kleptocracy (Jan. 2019)

The Laramie Project (Oct. 2013)

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (May 2014)

Laugh (March 2015)

Let Me Down Easy (Jan. 2011)

The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Feb. 2015)

Life Sucks, or the Present Ridiculous (Jan. 2015)

Little Thing, Big Thing (Nov. 2016)

Long Day’s Journey into Night (April 2012)

Love’s Labor’s Lost (May 2019)

The Lost Ones (Oct. 2010)

The Lonesome West (Aug. 2016)

Love and Information (Oct. 2017)

The Love of the Nightingale (May 2014)

Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite (Oct. 2015)

Lungs (Oct. 2011)

Mabou Mines DollHouse (Oct. 2011)

Macbeth (May 2017)

Mad Forest (Sept. 2011)

The Magic Tree (Oct. 2015)

Marie Antoinette (Sept. 2014)

Mary Stuart (Nov. 2010)

Mary Stuart (Feb. 2015)

Mary Stuart (May 2019)

The Master and Margarita (Nov. 2010)

Master Harold… and the Boys (March 2011)

“Master Harold”… and the Boys (April 2018)

Meena’s Dream (Jan. 2014)

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Jan. 2020)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Feb. 2016)

Mies Julie (Nov. 2013)

The Million Dollar Quartet (Dec. 2012)

The Minotaur (Jan. 2013)

Mojo (Dec. 2010)

Molly (Aug. 2014)

Mondo Andronicus (March 2010)

The Moscows of Nantucket (May 2011)

Moth (April 2014)

The Motherfucker with the Hat (Feb. 2013)

Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play (June 2012)

Much Ado About Nothing (Sept. 2011)

The Mystery of Love & Sex (April 2016)

Nero / Pseudo (May 2014)

The New Electric Ballroom (April 2011)

New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza (March 2012)

The Night Watcher (Oct. 2013)

No Man’s Land (May 2013)

No Sisters (March 2017)

The Normal Heart (June 2012)

NSFW (June 2015)

An Octoroon (July 2017)

The Old Masters (Jan. 2014)

Oliver! (Dec. 2015)

On the Town (June 2018)

On the Waterfront (April 2012)

One in the Chamber (August 2015)

Optimism!, or Voltaire’s Candide (May 2013)

Or, (April 2017)

The Originalist (March 2015)

Orlando (March 2014)

Othello (March 2016)

Our Suburb (Dec. 2013)

Owl Moon (Feb. 2011)

The Panties, the Partner, and the Profit (Dec. 2018)

Passing Strange (July 2010)

Passion Play (March 2015)

The Pillowman (March 2016)

Pluto (March 2014)

Port Authority (Oct. 2019)

Public Enemy (April 2010)

PURGE (June 2011)

Rapture, Blister, Burn (Feb. 2015)

The Real Inspector Hound (Jan. 2016)

Reckless (Oct. 2012)

Red Herring (March 2011)

Regular Singing (Nov. 2015)

The Resurrectionist King (April 2011)

Return to Haifa (Jan. 2011)

Reykjavík (Feb. 2019)

Richard III (Nov. 2010)

Richard the Third (Feb. 2019)

Rodney King (July 2014)

Roe (Jan. 2017)

Romeo & Juliet (Oct. 2013)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (May 2015)

The Royale (February 2020)

Saint Joan (May 2018)

The Saint Plays (Sept. 2010)

Satchmo at the Waldorf (Aug. 2016)

The Servant of Two Masters (May 2012)

Sex with Strangers (Oct. 2014)

Shining City (Aug. 2014)

Silence! The Musical (July 2015)

Skeleton Crew (Sept. 2017)

Small Mouth Sounds (Sept. 2018)

Something You Did (Sept. 2010)

Soon (April 2015)

Sorry (November 2015)

Sovereignty (Feb. 2018)

Spark (Sept. 2014)

Stage Kiss (Dec. 2015)

Steel Magnolias (Aug. 2011)

Stop Kiss (Sept. 2011)

Stupid Fucking Bird (June 2013)

Sweet and Sad (Nov. 2013)

The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife (June 2015)

The Taming of the Shrew (May 2012)

The Taming of the Shrew (May 2016)

Tender Napalm (March 2014)

That Face (March 2010)

That Hopey Changey Thing (Nov. 2013)

The Raid (March 2018)

Three Sisters (March 2017)

The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs (May 2018)

The Threepenny Opera (May 2014)

Thurgood (June 2010)

Time Stands Still (Jan. 2012)

Titanic (Dec. 2016)

Toast (Sept. 2014)

The Tooth of Crime (May 2012)

The Totalitarians (June 2014)

Transmission (May 2016)

Translations (March 2018)

A Trip to the Moon (Dec. 2012)

The Trump Card (June 2016)

Twelfth Night (May 2013)

Twelfth Night (Jan. 2014)

Twelfth Night (Nov. 2017)

Twisted Melodies (July 2019)

The Two-Character Play (Oct. 2013)

The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Jan. 2012)

Tynan (Jan. 2011)

Uncle Vanya (Aug. 2011)

Uncle Vanya (April 2015)

Underground Railroad Game (April 2018)

Uprising (Sept. 2015)

Vanitas (April 2013)

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (April 2015)

Venom (Oct. 2018)

Venus in Fur (June 2011)

very still and hard to see (April 2015)

Vicuña & The American Epilogue (Nov. 2017)

Visible Language (Oct. 2014)

The Walworth Farce (April 2011)

Wallenstein (April 2013)

Water by the Spoonful (March 2014)

We Are Proud to Present… (Feb. 2014)

We Fight, We Die (Oct. 2011)

The Wedding Dress (Feb. 2014)

The Weir (Feb. 2011)

West Side Story (Dec. 2015)

What Every Girl Should Know (April 2017)

When January Feels Like Summer (June 2016)

Whipping, or the Football Hamlet (Aug. 2017)

Why Torture Is Wrong and the People Who Love Them (June 2011)

The Widow Lincoln (Feb. 2015)

The Wild Party (Oct. 2017)

Wild Sky (May 2016)

The Winter’s Tale (March 2018)

Wives and Wits: Overruled and Village Wooing (May 2012)

The Woman in Black (Nov. 2013)

The Woman Who Amuses Herself (May 2009)

Twelve Angry Men (Jan. 2019)

Women Beware Women (Oct. 2010)

Women Laughing Alone with Salad (Sept. 2015)

Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie (Nov. 2012)

You, Nero (Dec. 2011)

You, or Whatever I Can Get (Feb. 2016)

Zombie: The American (June 2015)

For DCist

33 Variations

7 (x1) Samurai


Antony and Cleopatra

Ah, Wilderness!


Bad Hamlet

Busted Jesus Comix

Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Death of a Salesman

The Director: The Third Act of Elia Kazan


Happy Days

The Heavens Are Hung in Black

The Hefner Monologues: How Hefnerian

How Theatre Failed America

The K of D

The Lion King


A Man for All Seasons


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Now What?

Portia Coughlin


The Rivalry (Jan. 2010)

Scenes from the Big Picture

The Screwtape Letters


Speed the Plow

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Super-Secret Show

The Tempest

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind


The Unmentionables

Wishful Drinking

For The Washington Examiner

As You Like It (Nov. 2009)

Circle Mirror Transformation (Sept. 2010)

Disco Pigs (Nov. 2009)

The Fall of the House of Usher with The Tell-Tale Heart (Nov. 2009)

A Flea in Her Ear (Nov. 2009)

The Four of Us (Jan. 2010)

Full Circle (Nov. 2009)

Hamlet (May 2010)

I Am My Own Wife (Jan. 2010)

Living Dead in Denmark (Aug. 2009)

Orestes, A Tragic Romp (Feb. 2010)

Port Authority (Oct. 2009)

Reasons to Be Pretty (March 2010)

Sink the Belgrano! (Aug. 2010)

Some Girls (March 2010)

Sunset Boulevard (Dec. 2010)

Three Sisters (Jan. 2010)

The War of the Worlds (Nov. 2010)

Wife Swappers (Dec. 2010)

Young Frankenstein (Dec. 2009)

For WETA’s Around Town

Art (April 2011)

Clybourne Park (Aug. 2011)

The Walworth Farce (April 2011)

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